Why Choose Infinity Control Solutions for your BMS Requirements in London

  • Bespoke solutions tailored to individual requirements.
  • Skilled BMS engineers and technicians.
  • Professional customer service and project delivery.
  • Understanding the client’s needs for reducing energy consumption.
  • High standard of work matched to competitive pricing.
  • Compliance with the Health and Safety at Work legislation.
  • Support at every stage of your project – from BMS system design and installation to commissioning, timely production of O&M manuals and handover.

BMS Range

Our Building Management Systems Range Include:

  • Honeywell Centraline
  • Trend
  • Distech
  • KNX

Other Specialist Services

  • Building Maintenance & Energy Auditing
  • HVAC Troubleshooting & Problem Solving
  • Energy & Environmental Surveys
  • BMS Upgrade Planning & Advice
  • Reactive Maintenance / Call Out Service
  • Panel Design and Manufacture
  • Electrical Installations

BMS Building Controls in London

A fully maintained BMS system is a critical component to managing energy demand. Improperly configured BMS systems are believed to account for up to 20% of building energy usage. By applying a range of control and monitoring routines – both simple and sophisticated – it is capable of operating the building services in strict accordance with demand, thereby avoiding unnecessary use of energy.